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Breast Surgery

Winthrop-University Hospital’s Breast Health Center has been awarded accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

Breast Surgery most often focuses on the treatment of malignant or pre-cancerous masses in the soft tissue of the breast. Our commitment to each of our patients revolves around the effective removal of all cancerous cells while striving to preserve as much of the breast tissue as possible. Breast surgery for malignancy can be performed in several different ways:


the surgical term for removal of a localized portion of the breast to preserve most of the surrounding breast tissue. Similar to a partial mastectomy, a lumpectomy may be an option when the tumor is smaller in size and localized. While a lumpectomy can effectively preserve much of the soft tissue, requiring less, if any, reconstruction, there is a greater chance that not all cancerous cells will be removed.


the surgical term for the removal of the entire soft tissue of the breast. A double mastectomy is when both breasts are removed. Mastectomies are usually indicated for patients that have large tumors, multiple lesions and/or aggressive growth of the cancerous cells. The procedure is usually performed when it is difficult or impossible to preserve an acceptable amount of breast tissue or when other less invasive therapies have not been effective. Some patients opt for a prophylactic mastectomy when they know they are genetically predisposed to breast cancer. This is, of course, a very personal decision.

Radical Mastectomy

the surgical term for the removal of the soft breast tissue as well as the chest muscle and certain affected lymph nodes. This procedure is only performed in cases of exceptional spread of the malignancy and can often be modified to spare the chest musculature. Today, modified radical mastectomies are performed instead. The modified option is usually just as effective and less invasive.

Our program also offers those who have undergone more invasive procedures the opportunity to have reconstructive surgery. By rebuilding the breast tissue, we can often help women and men alike regain the former fullness and shape of their breast. Patients may work with our talented plastic surgeons to understand their options for breast reconstruction and make the choice that is best for their unique circumstance.

Please be sure you know the appropriate intervals for a breast exam and mammogram. Also, be sure you fully understand how to perform a self-examination. Remember that early detection is critical to the effective treatment of any form of cancer, especially that of the breast. Feel free to contact our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your breast surgery options.

Breast Health Center Contacts

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