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Surgical Oncology

The surgical oncology program at Winthrop Surgical Associates works in conjunction with Winthrop University Hospital’s Institute for Cancer Care in treating a wide variety of operable malignancies. Using some of the most advanced and effective technologies available today, our department has the ability to pinpoint and operate on malignant tumors throughout the body.

An effective and successful operation dramatically increases the chance of eradicating, or at least controlling, cancerous cell formation. Working together with our patients’ primary care physicians and oncologists, we can assist in developing the most effective course of treatment, while trying to maximize patient comfort. Depending on the type and severity of the malignancy a course of radiation may accompany the surgical portion of treatment.

Many of our department’s surgeries are performed in a minimally invasive manner, meaning that small incisions are used to access the malignancy. This compares favorably to traditional open surgery. Most patients can look forward to shorter hospital stays, less pain, less blood loss and generally, less discomfort than in years past.

Our program is patient focused and disease based. Please visit one of our multidisciplinary specialty centers:

  1. Pancreas Health Program
  2. Endocrine Surgery Program
  3. Breast
  4. Liver and Bile Duct
  5. Colon and Rectum

Whether the malignancy is advanced or detected early, we treat each and every one of our patients with compassion and quality care that is necessary for their unique circumstance. Further, our care does not end the day of surgery. We are dedicated to the long-term success of every patient who entrusts us with their oncological treatment.

Learn More About Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

Please contact our department to learn more about the surgical options our department has to offer and to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.

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