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Wound Healing

The  Wound Healing Center and Hyperbaric Medicine Program at Winthrop-University Hospital is remarkable in that wounds once considered untreatable are now routinely healed. With a staff of dedicated professionals and facilities that are second to none, Winthrop truly is the place to turn when slow or non-healing wounds arise.

Wound therapy consists of collaboration between diverse departments and specialties. These medical professionals work in tandem to make sure that each patient receives the care they need to recover. Endocrinologists, general surgeons, infectious disease specialists and vascular surgeons, to name a few work alongside our dedicated team of wound care specialists. The result is a comprehensive plan of action focused on healing.

Difficult and non-healing wounds can come about as a result of many and varied reasons. Complications related to diabetes, for example, are a leading cause of cases in which specialized care is needed. Oftentimes, due to poor nutrition, lack of movement, poor circulation and even medication, wounds can grow larger and become infected, resulting in the distinct possibility of amputation or permanent disability. Helping ensure a positive outcome is our goal.

wound-hyperbaricPart of the success of Winthrop’s Wound Healing Center revolves around advancements in hyperbaric medicine. Indeed, our program boasts the latest technology in this field with chambers designed to reduce confinement anxiety and maximize patient comfort.

Not only are our hyperbaric chambers the largest available, but they boast two way communication capabilities, climate control, flat screen televisions and profile screens to allow the patient to monitor their own progress. The result is that many difficult conditions can now be treated effectively, avoiding the pain and lifelong disability associated with amputation.

To learn more about the Wound Healing Center and Hyperbaric Medicine Program here at Winthrop-University Hospital, we ask that you call (516) 663-8498. Please remember that if you are experiencing a wound that is slow to heal, do not wait for it to become infected, seek help by speaking to a trained medical professional as soon as possible.