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General Surgery

The surgical specialty known as general surgery deals primarily with the abdomen – from the esophagus and thyroid to the colon, also known as the large intestine. The term general surgery often encompasses many sub-specialties including bariatric surgery, trauma surgery, endocrine surgery, breast surgery, surgical oncology and more. While these sub-specialties may be a part of the larger general surgery umbrella, they are quite different.

A general surgeon is expected to understand an overview of general surgery along with many of its sub-specialties. With the broad scope of the specialty however, it would be impractical for a surgeon to treat all conditions requiring general surgery. As a result, most general surgeons choose one or more sub-specialties on which to concentrate after their residency. Some specialties such as bariatric surgery require additional training and certification.

The most commonly performed general surgery procedures include:

The general surgeons here at Winthrop Surgical Associates are highly trained specialists that pride themselves on offering the most advanced techniques in the surgical field. Along with the latest in minimally invasive techniques, many of our surgeons are trained in the revolutionary robotic technology – using the daVinci SI HD Surgical System to assist in their procedure. Our robotically assisted surgical system offers three dimensional visualization of the surgical field as well as a level of precision and dexterity that can be very useful across many surgical applications.

Dr. Collin Brathwaite is the Chief of the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery.

We invite you to learn more about our general surgery offerings by contacting our office for a consultation or visit our general surgery website.